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Klunkers & Sierra


Skaie dedicated “Big Bug Lunch!” to Sierra Adams, her cousin who has juvenile diabetes, and plans to bring attention and donations to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation ( through “Big Bug Lunch!” events as well as her website,  and  by letting Sierra tell you about her story...


Hi Big Bug Lunch Fans,

My name is Sierra and I am ten years old.  I am just a regular kid but when I turned 4 years old, I was diagnosed with juvenile (type 1) diabetes.  It is a disease that I will have to live with everyday of my life until they find a cure for me.  I have to watch everything I eat, count my carbs, take into account exercise, prick my fingers 10-12 times a day to test my blood sugar and give myself insulin every time I eat something.  I am on an insulin pump now and I love it, but it is not a cure. 

I sure hope that they find a cure soon because it is really hard to have to be so responsible about everything and I am tired of shots and doctors and the highs and lows.  If you can help support a cure for diabetes, please donate to JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation).  You can click here to donate to my family team “Sierra’s Super Steppers.” 

Thank you so much for caring and helping to find a cure for a disease that has made me have to grow up a lot quicker than I wanted to.

Love, Sierra


Type 1 diabetes strikes children suddenly, makes them dependent on injected or pumped insulin for life, and carries the constant threat of devastating complications.

To stay alive, people with type 1 diabetes must take multiple insulin injections daily or continually infuse insulin through a pump, and test their blood sugar by pricking their fingers for blood six or more times per day.

While trying to balance insulin doses with their food intake and daily activities, people with this form of diabetes must always be prepared for serious hypoglycemic (low blood sugar) and hyperglycemic (high blood sugar) reactions, both of which can be life-limiting and life threatening.

While insulin allows a person to stay alive, it does not cure diabetes nor does it prevent its eventual and devastating effects: kidney failure, blindness, nerve damage, amputations, heart attack and stroke.

As many as 3 million Americans may have type 1 diabetes.

Each year over 15,000 children are diagnosed with diabetes in the U.S.

That's 40 children per day.

Warning signs of type 1 diabetes include: extreme thirst, frequent urination, drowsiness or lethargy, increased appetite, sudden weight loss for no reason, sudden vision changes, sugar in urine, fruity odor on breath, heavy or labored breathing, stupor or unconsciousness. These may occur suddenly.

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JDRF UPDATE! Click on the picture above for more information on joining the “Walk for the Cure” for juvenile diabetes.  Also!  For the entire month of NOVEMBER, Skaie will be donating $5 for each “Big Bug Lunch!” book/cd sold and $3 for each cd sold to the JDRF in honor of Sierra.  They make for GREAT holiday gifts and a wonderful step towards finding a cure.  Please go to “Buy the Book!” to purchase your copy!