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What people are saying about “Big Bug Lunch!”:

“Tots bug out over singer/songwriter Skaie Knox’s accompanying soundtrack.”

-Daily Candy

“Written for boys and girls, “Big Bug Lunch!” is the first in a series of 10 called ”the Klunker Kapers” and it is everything a great children’s book should be.”

-My Wee View

“I'm in awe - I'm secretly wishing Skaie would switch places with me for a bit...”

-Playground for Parents

“...we actually read it in our driveway, she couldn't wait to get inside from the mailbox, twice!”

-Gobs of Giveaways

“Skaie delivers a real knock-out musical performance that had the kids singing and dancing along.  She was a great hit and I would have her back to our library in a hot tick.  She’s the bee’s knees!”

-Jennifer Addington, Branch Operations Manager of the Miraleste Library in Rolling Hills Estates

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The Klunker Kapers presents BOOK 1 in a series of 10 kid’s books written by Skaie Knox.  “Big Bug Lunch!” is a charming story about a little boy named “Matty” whose best friend, “Klunkers” invites him to eat a bug.  Soon, all his friends are bringing bugs for him to try!  With a fun “twist” at the end, outstanding and quirky illustrations, and a 14-track CD with songs, karaoke, and a narration of the book INCLUDED, “Big Bug Lunch!” would make any child or the child in YOU very happy indeed!

“Big Bug Lunch!” Book & CD=     $18.00 + 3.00 S&H=$21 total

“Big Bug Lunch!” CD only=     $10.00 + 3.00 S&H=$13 total

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