Skaie Knox singer/songwriter and a first-time children’s book author, resides with her husband, Matt in Manhattan Beach, California. “Big Bug Lunch!” is book 1 in a series of 10 called “The Klunker Kapers”. The title track “Big Bug Lunch!” was initially written on the pages of a Reader’s Digest; makeshift writing material found on her bedside table. The song came about because Skaie wanted to write an original tune for her cousin Pam’s kindergarten class. Her immediate goals are to promote her book & CD and to secure a publishing deal with a creatively supportive and established publishing house.

Skaie’s musical career includes performing live (opening for artists like Tori Amos, Dishwalla, Lilith Faire, Randy Newman), writing and recording numerous albums and songs for her bands and film (Holiday Baggage (Lifetime movie), American Crime, Black Dahlia Returns) & television (MTV’s Making the Video, Punk’d, The Real World), touring nationally and throughout Canada and Africa, and music directing live theatre in Hollywood, CA (Shakespeare’s “Midsummer Night’s Dream”, “Twelfth Night”). You can listen to more of Skaie’s music @ www.myspace.com/skaieknox.

The Book’s Moto: "Music for Kids. Suitable for Parents!" “Big Bug Lunch!” is not only a kid’s book, but it includes music which is characterized as a pop-rock fun and melodic cd filled with stories and sound images to delight kids of all ages! Each song is a sort of “mini soundtrack” taking you to delightful and happy places that’ll leave you smiling and uplifted!

Photo by Bridget Johnson

Big Bug Lunch! Credits

©2011 Splashing Mermaid Books & Music

                    Mike Gatti  Illustrator, Mike Gatti (www.gatmik.com), from Ontario, Canada is an incredibly talented artist and stop-action animator (his work has been seen on Disney’s “Jo-Jo’s Circus, HBO Family, HBO Family 411, CBS, PBS, Bravo, and Capital Records). 

                   John Paesano  Music producer, composer, and programmer, John Paesano (www.firstseedproductions.com), from Los Angeles, California is establishing himself as the next great film composer of our time (his work has been featured in films such as “Another Cinderella Story” (Warner Bros.), “Tropic Thunder”, “Batman: The Dark Knight”). 

                   Aragorn Wiederhold Co-producer, Aragorn Wiederhold (www.myspace.com/aragornolivia), from Hermosa Beach, California is not only a virtuoso on guitar, but has gained great success as a producer for film and television (his work has been placed on Fox Television's "Saints and Sinners", "Men in Trees", "Burn Notice", "13 Graves", "Vanished", VH1's "Andrew Dice Clay" Show, Axe Body Spray, the Cartoon Network's "Ben Ten").

                   Chloe Johnson  Guest singer, Chloe Johnson from Ladera Ranch, California is a young up and coming performer’s performer, with a wonderfully natural and organic sound that draws you in as a listener.  You can hear her debut recording on the track “Hush” found in the “Bonus tracks” section of the “Big Bug Lunch!” cd.

                   Sierra Adams  Skaie’s cousin. whom she dedicated “Big Bug Lunch!” to, to honor her as a courageous kid living with juvenile diabetes. Skaie hopes to continue bringing attention to this devastating disease and encourages her readers to learn more about diabetes through the JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation), and to donate to Sierra’s family team “Sierra’s Super Steppers” for “Walk for the Cure” events.

                                      Klunkers  The main character of “Big Bug Lunch!”. Klunkers was rescued on August 8th, 2005 after being abandoned on the streets of LA during one of the worst rainy seasons in recent years. Skaie and her husband Matt adopted Klunkers from a rescue group called “Mutts & Moms”. To learn more about this organization or to adopt or foster a dog, visit their website: muttsandmoms.org. Donations are happily accepted!